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Lona Richard is an ordained Minister and member of Freedom Ministries Christian Center (FMCC) in Gainesville, GA. She operates freely in the Offices of Prophetess, Teacher and Evangelist. She serves as the Director of Marketing & Administrator of Clinton Potters Ministries. Minister Richard has recently been promoted to Director of the Ministers Training Institute at FMCC.

She is also Director of the GED Tutorial Program, preparing adults of all ages to take their GED tests. Minister Richard is a Certified Master Microsoft Program Instructor, having taught at the Technical College Level for 5 years. She also served on the Microsoft Advisory Council for 3 years.

She is an editor, ghostwriter, author, and owner of www.highersuccesstoday.com. She is the dedicated, devoted and loving mother to her successful Christian children, Katina, Ben, and Nick, and loving grandmother to her six (6) grandchildren.

“Regardless of whether you are applying the nuggets and principals that follow to your business or your personal and family relationships, success and a better life WILL manifest” says author Lona Richard.

New Books From Lona Richard

Higher Levels Of Success

Available Now!
In Higher Levels of Success: You’re Going to Need This!, readers will learn that the choices you make matter. Reaching your destiny matters--not only to you, but also to your family, loved ones, co-workers and all who are connected to you. They are depending on you to reach your destiny and accomplish all that God placed you on earth to accomplish. In the pages of this book you discover certain small adjustments that make major success-ful impacts and life-changing differences in your life and the lives you touch daily!

Unseen Hand of God

Available Now!
Unseen Hand of God begins with the story of three-month-old baby Moses' mother making the critical decision to float him down the Nile in a reed basket to escape death. While Pharoah had ordered the killing of all male babies under age two, the unseen hand of God not only guides, directs and gently nudges with precise momentum, the reed basket safely to its destination, but continues to guide Moses through even more death-defying decisions and miraculuos feats throughout his life.